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Related post: Date: nymphet and lolita video Fri, 25 Oct 2002 17:59:38 EDT From: Subject: On Assignment - lolita cp models top Chapter 3Disclaimer: The image board bbs loli following story is one of fiction. While the characters are real, the portrayal of them young lolli girls nudes is fictional. I do not know the sexuality of any celebrities mentioned in the story. I am not lolitas preteen s naked in loli girl hot beauties preteen loli angel nymphet any way affiliated with any of the celebrities mentioned in the story. If young models prelolitas pics homosexual content offends you or if it preteen lolitas bbs link lolita img img board is unlawful for you to read stories of a underage lolita sex pictures sexual content, please stop reading.About the Author: My name is Trevor Michael. I'm 22. I'm gay (it's alot of fun). little princess naked lolita When I'm not busy with some hot young talent, I enjoy writing as well as lolita nude nude portal teaching martial arts.. This is my first story on Nifty, although I have posted stories on other sites.Contact: free lolita tgp xxx Please, please, please feel free to contact me regarding the story, what you'd like to see real xxx lolita pics happen, grammar errors, or just a quick "keep up the good work".. or just to shoot the breeze. I like positive comments, but lolitas fuck sex preteen if you have something negative, lolita legal nude pics I suppose preteen candid lolita kissing lo pics lolitas bbs I'll put up nude teen tgp loli with it.. My email address - IM me, email hot latina lolita body me.. feedback is underground lolita nude top more than appreciated.Links: Lemme tell you something. lolita nude top bbs When I first started here on Nifty, I started reading Get Another Boyfriend (in under 18 lolitas models the Boy Bands section of the archives).. Talk about a great story! AFTER you finish reading my story, preferably, be sure to check lollita nude baby videos out "Get Another lolita russia pre teen Boyfriend"..One More Thing: This story is not a sex story. Granted, there will be xxx lolita russian 6yo sex.. and when it comes, it will come in leaps and bounds, but if you read the story and get into the plot, the sex real tight lolitas pussy will mean so much more.Chapter Three: The InterviewThe concert ended with a mindblowing rendition of Girlfriend. The lights, the pyro, the now shirtless superstars all came together to end an amazing 2 hour concert. Taylor and Randy had seen the entire show jpg lolitas 13 rusia from backstage. As Taylor realized the show was ending and the interview would soon be upon them, he began worrying about his outward appearance.."Randy.... Randy!"His petite lolitas nude pics counterpart wasn't much preteen sex loli dorki paying attention.. well at least not to Taylor. He had his eyes lolita bbs pussy photos set on 160 pounds of pure lust out on the stage... His spell was broken as Taylor began tugging on his shirt.."Randy!""What?!""..... how do I look?"The question made Randy laugh."You look.. fine. Why do you care, anyway?""I mean.. I don't look to... gay.. do I?"Randy's laughter continued as he preteen lolitas upskirt photos reassured his friend."Dude, you're standing backstage at lolitas teens kids babys an N'Sync lolicon little girl skin concert. Pretty much anything you put on is gonna make you look gay."Taylor frowned. He was getting ready to make some sort of comeback, but it was then that a security guard pulled russian lolitta pussy freesite them both galleries art photos lolitas by the collar.. neither one of dark lolli nude girls them realized what was going until they saw teen model lolitas top all 5 members of N'Sync shy lolita bbs toplist run right l s lolita studio in front of them."What are you two guys doing back here, anyway?" the security guard asked."We're from little naked pedo lollipops the Sun Herald. We're here for an interview with Justin. It's on your little list thingy there.. go ahead, check."The security guard did check. They were young teen nudes lolita lolitas top sites only on the list."Give him another 10 minutes to change and then I'll escort you pree teen lolitas virgins back video lolita sex links there.."The security guard walked off momentarily. Randy turned to Taylor."C'mon. Let's go.""Go? Where?""Let's go get lolita ls magazine pics our interview.."Taylor, as usual, was confused."You heard the guard. Give him 10 minutes.. let him finish changin!"Randy realized that trying to argue with Taylor would be pointless. Instead, he grabbed him by the collar and dragged ls lola naked girl him along. It was just a matter of seconds before lolita little cuties com they reached the door to Justin's private dressing room. WIthout hesitating, Randy knocked as he opened the door.."Mr. Timberlake? Randall best lolita free clips Cramer from the Sun Herald for the best lolita pics our.."Randy was cut off.. as the door swung open, both Randy got an eyefull of the beautiful specimin that he had hoped to conquer by the end of the night. Standing there, with his shirt raised free lolita young rape over his head, tiny little lolitas nude wearing nothing a hot lolita panty model pair of black BVDs, Justin nude lolitas cp sites Randall Timberlake shimmered in all of his anna nude 10yo loli sweaty glory."I'm changing now, if you could gimme one sec..."Just had apparently expected them loli xxx free gallery to still be standing outside the door when he finished taking his shirt off.. he let out a suprised "oh" as he preteen lolitas nn galleries saw the two reporters standing in his preteen lolita tgp nude doorway."Oh. I'm sorry. Didn't realize you weren't ready.. alt binaries pre lolitas the guard out front told us to just come on in..""Ohh, preteen lolita underwear modles well then. freedom lolita bbs gateway That's alright. If you can give me just a few seconds, I'll be right with you.."Taylor was already turning around to exit as Randy spoke."Well, we're kind of in a hurry... Is there any way we can go ahead and start this while you naked young loli models finish getting dressed?"Talk about pushing it. Taylor shoved Randy, although Justin hadn't noticed."Umm.. well, I guess. I still need to mini teen lolita nude take a shower though before we head out sweet young russian lolita tonight.. but we can work around it."Randy turned around and flashed 13 yo lolita pussy a devilish grin towards Taylor who was obviously not that comfortable with the whole situation. Randy took it upon himself to take a dark lolita child paysites seat on the large black leather sofa. lolitas bbs gallery pic Taylor preferred to stand."Great, then. Let's go ahead and get started. I'm gonna tape record lolita child xxx galleries the interview so I'll have it heavenly nude lolitas models for my notes.."Justin nodded as he looked through his bags for a clean pair of shorts.."Let's start off with tonight. How do you feel the underage flat chested lols concert went tonight?"Randy tossed the tape recorder to Taylor and motioned for him to get closer to Justin.As Justin hot pre teen lolitas turned around, still in his delicious preteen lolitas bbs underwear, he was face to face with Taylor."Oh"The response was mutual. After a short pause, Taylor finally backed off and extended the tape recorder towards Justin."Uh, the show tonight was amazing. The real preteen pedo lolitas fans down here on the coast were unbelievable.""How do you compare the fans down here to those in other parts of the US or in the little lolitas art pics world even?"The US fans are by far the nude child angel loli most entergetic I've seen.. and these guys down here are amazing as well. mixed lolitas hard cp The fans down here are just so pumped. I love it."Justin grabbed a towel as he finished his answer. He motioned for the shower as he walked that way. Seizing the opportunity, Randy jumped up to open the door little lolita gallery tpg to the shower stall. Justin nodded a dark list bbs lolita thank you his way as he stepped into the shower. As the shower started, the noise made it a bit hard to hear Justin speak.. Randy grabbed the tape recorder and just held it over tiny young nude lolitas the shower door underage teen sex lolita as they kept on."How much longer will you guys be touring?"Justin was site lolitas pussy gallery shouting to be young naked child lolita heard.. and with the acoustics from the shower stall, the echo made it japanese lolita free gallery that much worse."We've got another 7 cities to hit before the tour ends."While Randy was trying to focus on the interview at hand, he was too busy watching the blurry sillouhette of Justin Timberlake lolita pre-teen porn picture in the shower.. Maybe it was just lolita angel underage nude his erotic preteen lolita porn imagination, but Randy had the distinct impression that Justin's hand was spending a bit more washing his stomach area that necessary."After the rather public breakup with Brittany Spears, have you dated anyone else since?"Randy leaned in closer to the shower so he could get the tape recorder as close to Justin as possible without doucing it in the real young lolita sweety water."I've really just been keeping my preteen dark lolita portals options open.. ya know? lolita red nude young Just seein what's out there.."Premeditated or not, Randy's next move worked out perfectly.. Fumbling lolita preteen pedo models with the recorder, he let it slip out of his fingers and fall to the shower stall floor.. Without artistic nudes preteen -lolita even preteen lolita russian tgp thinking, Randy opened the door to the shower to get the recorder. As he looked up, he realized that his suspicions were lolitas bbc peteen nud correct. There stood Justin, left hand washing his chest while his right hand was squeezed tightly around his stiff 7 1/2 inch cock. It took Randy a second to regain himself after this.. Taylor just looked on in awe. He couldn't believe the lenghts Randy was going to to get this story, and he couldn't believe that Justin Timberlake was standing nude, rock hard, just feet away from him.. As the world started to turn again, Randy pulled back and quickly closed the door.. He instantly began muttering his apologies.. Justin's reply was exactly what Randy wanted to ebony lesbian lolita sistas hear.."No worries.. it happens.. besides, we're all men here.. nothing to be embarrased of.""Al.. alr.. alright. Well, I'll, I'll just let you finish your shower and then we can finish the interview."As Randy backed up, he bumped into Taylor.. While Justin was finishing his shower, Randy and Taylor began to talk in a low whisper.."Taylor, man.. this is perfect. Another 15 minutes or so, and we'll have enough on tape to make our story.. front page.. i can see it now. 'Boy Band Front Man -- Takes It From Behind'""You realize how.."Taylor didn't get a chance to protest much. The water cut off, and Taylor didn't want their cover blown.. He couldnt' non naked lolita pictures really explain it, but even though he had at one time planned to cut it off before it got this far, now he was kind of scared that good old Justin might find out the truth.. so he went along."Can someone grab me a towel.. This one's soaking wet..."Taylor jumped at the chance to get out of the conversation with Randy.."Sure.. where they at?""There should be one in that black bag next to my clothes."Taylor obidiently went to the black bag, and after half a second of digging, found a towel. As he pulled it out, however, something else came with it. It was a picture. A picture of a slightly younger Justin with his head resting on the underwear-covered crotch of nn lolita art models another guy!!! He turned the picture over.. there was something zeps dorki lolitas bbs written, although it had been scratched through with a Sharpee.. barely legible.. Josh -n- Just, A/A/F.. Josh? Josh? That sounded really familiar.. JC! It's JC's real name! He flipped the picture back over.. It was JC!**In Chapter Four, things don't go quite as free picture loli girl well for Randy as he might have hoped.. but non nude model lolicon for Taylor, that's a completely different story..Comments? Feedback? PLEASE!!!
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